Gabon is covered with 88% of forest on 22 million hectares. It represents about 18% of the whole Congo Basin Forest, the planet’s second largest green lung. The country hosts an incredible flora and fauna and has valuable assets among its 13 national parks. Wild nature lovers will be captivated by the biodiversity that the country has to offer.

Its rainforest is recognised to be one of the most diversified forests in Africa, characterised by an exceptional variety of endemic and noble wood species.

Akiba’s collection is created from Gabon’s unique ecosystem that offers noble wood species, many of which are durable, versatile, and resistant to termites and other insects.

They range in colour from reddish-brown to golden yellow, pinkish orange and dark brown, and in texture allowing to feed our entire collection of contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, Live Edge tables, sculptures or accessories that transform any space into a beautiful lifestyle reflection of elegance, integrity, and sustainability.

The main species of wood found in Gabonese forests and used in Akiba furniture are listed below.

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