Opening of the Miami Showroom & Launch of the Akiba brand

Opening of the Miami Showroom & Launch of the Akiba brand

The official launch of the Akiba brand will be held in Miami this last quarter of 2022, during the inauguration of its unique Showroom.

For its 1st international showroom, Akiba has chosen a prime address in Fort Laudeale, ideally located between Miami and Boca Raton, and surrounded by the biggest international brands of premium furniture and the temple of design, the DCOTA Building (Design Center of the Americas).

This exceptional 400m² Showroom, inspired by a mix of contemporary design and Gabonese culture, is designed by Brand Creative, an award winning and highly celebrated design agency based in Dubai.

This new address carefully showcases our never-seen-before collection of elegant and unique furniture, Live Edge tables as well as contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories that transform any space into a beautiful lifestyle reflecting elegance, integrity and sustainability.

This unmissable Showroom will not only allow you to discover the Akiba collection, but also to live a unique experience and to immerse yourself in the identity of our brand.

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